Servicing Toronto & South-Western Ontario

We are a fully independent, insured and WSIB company. We serve residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We test all asbestos materials including vermiculite attic insulation

Ontario 253W certified asbestos testing and inspecting professionals. We perform certified bulk and air sampling for asbestos.

We use the newest & most professional equipment, testing supplies & certified laboratory

We use thermal-imaging cameras to perform infrared inspections for mold, we use moisture meters and boroscopes. We perform bulk and air sampling for mold and asbestos. Our laboratory is completely independent and NVLAP certified.

We perform initial & clearance mold testing/inspection

We perform IICRC certified initial and clearance independent mold testing and inspection. Our reports are fully legal and written in accordance with CCA-82.

We are fully insured, WSIB & have certified, knowledgeable & professional inspectors

Fully independent, insured and WSIB. We have Ontario certified 253W asbestos workers, IICRC certified mold inspectors. We produce MOL accepted designated substance survey and asbestos management survey.

We Are Independent

We are a completely independent environmental testing and consulting company. We do not perform remediation or abatement activities. Our priority is being honest with you.

We Support Local Contractors & Builders

We are fully independent so we support local contractors and homeowners. We explain whether or not you have a problem and how to fix it properly.

Certified and Compliant Reports

We are Ontario 253W asbestos certified, IICRC mold certified and EPA lead (RRP) certified. Our reports are fully legal and Ontario Regulation compliant.

Fast and Affordable Service

Our reports can generally be sent out to you in 1 business day! Our pricing is very competitive, call for a free estimate today, 647-889-2254.


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The Importance of a Designated Substance Report

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Kit Mold Tests vs. Professional Mold Testing

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Common Asbestos Materials

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We are an InterNACHI Member!

We are EPA, IICRC, 253W and IAC2 certified and a proud member of the BBB and InterNACHI!